Chairman Kashmir Council EU condemns terrorist attack in London

Brussels: Chairman Kashmir Council EU Mr Ali Raza Syed has condemned the London’s terror attack which

left seven people dead and more than 30 injured last night.

In a statement he expressed deep shock on the horrific incident and as well as demonstrated firm

solidarity with the British people specially families of the victims.

He reiterated that terrorism is deplorable in any shape and all of the world should be united in the

fight against all forms of terrorism.

He said that the London’s attack was terrible and tear-jerking. There is no justification for this

barbaric act whatsoever. The best response to this barbarity is unity and solidarity among the masses

in order to disallow the terrorists to do such ruthless crimes.

He added, the killing of innocent victims should be condemned by everyone. We also must stand

together against those people who use this incident to spread extremist views and spread fear and

hate within the society. He expressed hope, world community will unite against all kinds of extremism, hate and racism.

He said that terrorists want to enflame hatred in the society. We have to aware of this conspiracy and

should tolerate each other. We should defeat this plot by giving respect to each other. It should also

be realized that struggle for peace in the world and fight against terrorism needs an effective strategy and wider practical measures.

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