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PIA makes swift changes to age,

PIA makes swift changes to age, experience requirement for COO

KARACHI: The age requirement for Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) new Chief Operating Officer (COO) was changed in a span of two days after an advertisement was published in a newspaper.

The 57-year age requirement as per the national carrier’s policy was done away with, in the new advertisement that was published two days after the initial advertisement.

The minimum management experience was changed from 20 years in the first advertisement to 15 years in the following advertisement.

The second advertisement only listed aviation experience as a requirement for the position, although the initial advertisement had listed experience in a large organisation’s senior managerial marketing and sales role as a mandatory requirement for the job.

The national carrier was at the centre of controversy earlier on Wednesday when the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) put the name of PIA CEO Bernd Hildenbrand name on the Exit Control List.

According to sources, an inquiry against him is underway for purchasing aircraft at exorbitant prices from a Sri Lankan airline.

PIA allegedly lost several million dollars as a result of the deal.

A notification—issued by Deputy Director FIA Administration Lahore Khawaja Hammad ur Rehman—in this regard has been sent to all the major airports, intimating authorities that Hildenbrand should not be allowed to depart from the country.

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