AJK PM reiterated resolve to bring tangible change in lives of people

Luton: AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that his government is committed to ensure merit, justice and good governance in the government affairs with least care who likes or dislikes it.
Addressing the workers of Muslim League (N) UK here on Tuesday, he said political stability in Pakistan is vital for the security, stability and progress of country. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and democracy are interlinked for the continuity of development process in Pakistan, he added.
He said highlighting the Kashmir issue is prime objective of the AJK government and we had very fruitful meetings with the parliamentarians of United Kingdom during last week here.
Talking about AJK he said corrupt elements will be made to face the consequences of their wrong doings and no one will be discriminated in this regard. “Justice for all without any discrimination, equality before law and merit are the top priorities of my government to establish good governance,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that previous government destroyed the institutions by adopting the policies based on corruption, nepotism and claims. We are endeavouring hard to revamp the institution to make them more accountable and responsive to the general masses.
He expressed his resolve to work tirelessly for the progress and prosperity of the people of AJK. ‘The people have overwhelmingly reposed their trust in our manifesto and now its our collective responsibility to serve them by implementing our vision and manifesto. Developmental and infrastructure projects are proactively pursued and these would be completed in time so that the people of AJK get the benefits of our developmental agenda’, said the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister said that merit and transparency would also be ensured in the award and implementation of all public sector projects. ‘All developmental projects must aim at improving the living standard of the people. Better communication and roads networks will certainly open up the most beautiful areas of AJK to the world and will enhance the economic activities in that region, said the Prime Minister. Raja Zubair Kiani and Raja Imtiaz Ahmed Khan were also present on the occasion.

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