Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Islamabad Diagnostic Centre has unveiled an expansion plan by announcing a collaborative partnership with Abraaj Group, the leading investor in growth markets with a strong record of investment in healthcare. Under this collaboration the IDC will establish 30 additional centers all over Punjab in addition to 20 centers already operating in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, WahCantt and Hassan Abdal. This is the first Abraaj’spartnershipwith any health group in Pakistan while 29th in the world.
This was announced by DrRizwanUppal, the Founder CEO of IDC at the Annual gathering of IDC to celebrate its 13 years of operation in healthcare and diagnostic sector. The event was attended by the board of directors of IDC, its management staff, doctors, technicians and other notable persons from the healthcare industry. Speaking at the occasion, DrRizwanUppal recalled that13 years ago IDC was started as a novel idea for offering complete medical diagnostic services all under one roof with all the latest, state of the art technologies.He thanked Al-mighty Allah,his brothers Dr. RehanUppal and Dr. Imran Uppal, and every member of the IDC family for their hard work. Together IDC has achieved tremendous success and today it is the leading diagnostic service provider in Pakistan”. The investment by Abraaj Group will help IDC to expand its operations across the Punjab region meeting the needs of the population with state-of-the-art quality diagnostic services. Through this investment, IDC plans to open an additional 30 diagnostic centres all over Punjab and procure its equipment and consumables as part of the wider Abraaj healthcare platform to enhance its operational capabilities and technology infrastructure. Dr. Rizwan said that IDC Abraaj partnership will have many benefits for the country; this includesmore patients getting quality services, more jobs creation and also reverse migration of skilled staff.
Founded in 2003 by Dr. RizwanUppal and his brothers, IDC has built a successful track record for delivering latest imaging technologies, broad range of laboratory tests and quick turn-around times making it the leading and most affordable diagnostic service in the north region. At present, IDC operates 20 centres with over 350 staff members with one of Pakistan’s largest pool of qualified radiologists. It is also the only diagnostic center in the capital city of Islamabad that provides lab and imaging services on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.
IDC is a recipient of Best Diagnostic Center in South Asia by the prestigious Europe Business Assembly and is fully accredited with ISO 15189, licensed with EQAS (UK), CAP (USA) and registered with PNRA, Government of Pakistan for quality assurances.

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