“ENGRO’s stance on CCP’s order against Dairy Omung on deceptive marketing”

ISLAMABAD: Engro Foods intends to strongly contest the allegation since the packaging of Dairy Omung clearly mentions the product to be a “Dairy Drink” as per national standards of ‘Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority’ (PSQCA). Dairy Omung is operating under a valid license from the PSQCA.
The Company has never referred to the product as “Milk” in its marketing communication and instead has always marketed the product as an ‘alternative’ to loose milk.
Under the Pakistani food laws, different definitions exist for milk and milk alternatives like standardized milk, low fat milk, flavored milk, tea whitener and dairy drinks. Dairy Omung is a dairy based product and hence can be used for drinking, tea making and dessert making. Furthermore, it is guaranteed to be unadulterated as it is made from milk that Engro collects itself ensuring its quality through a stringent system of 28 quality tests. We believe that the decision of the CCP does not reflect the correct legal and factual position and is unsubstantiated. The Company, therefore, reserves the right to challenge the decision and vigorously pursue its case before the appellate forum under the law.

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