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Worsening it further

Er Rashid 

New Delhi rewarded Kashmiris with hanging Afzal Guru against 2010 mass uprising, and now in 2016 while hoping against hope, many were under the illusion that New Delhi would understand the significance of resolving dispute but it yet again stabbed by forcing its puppet regime to issue domicile certificates to West Pakistani Refugees. New Delhi is following the policy of defending itself by going offensive. Facts lead to the conclusion that after 2010 uprising interlocutors had visited Kashmir not to find ways to resolve the 67 year old dispute but to see how would be response of Kashmiris if Afzal Guru is hanged to break will of Kashmiris. Similarly this time all so called interlocutors and track two civil society deputations seem to be visiting here only to assess what would be reaction if New Delhi starts implementing its notorious and colonial agenda in J&K to dilute the Kashmir dispute. Whatsoever the outcome of these notorious moves of Delhi may be but one thing that seems to be coming true is CM Mehbooba Mufti’s promise of resolving Kashmir dispute during her tenure, as granting domicile to lacs of refugees, is a big step towards resolution by way of J&K’s complete integration in Indian union. Like her predecessors Mehbooba Mufti may also justify her moves, but the decision to issue domicile to WP refugees makes her worst among all who have betrayed since 1947 and used matchless sacrifices for their personal interests.
It is not time to discuss the merits and demerits of what Delhi has been pumping in Kashmir but to do whatever required to save identity of the state. No doubt the move to grant domicile certificate to WP refugees is a challenge to the Muslim character of the state but the Dogra community needs also to understand the long term harmful impact of the decision. Let Jammuties come out of Kashmir-phobia and understand that the special status state is enjoying, is not meant for Kashmiris and Muslims only.
Let the Dogra population of Jammu not forget that Raj Thakray and others are more Indians than anyone else, but when it comes to the interest of their own people, they don’t hesitate in crossing red line by throwing all non-state subjects out of Maharashtra. If safeguarding interests of his citizens doesn’t make Raj Tahkray a traitor, how come should the Dogras allow Govt. of India to settle non-state subjects at cost of their own interests. There could be differences about resolution to dispute between various communities but protecting rights of state should matter to all. Even Kashmiri Pandits should be prepared to stop getting dividends out of political uncertainty, as they need to remember that sooner or later Dogras will force them to leave Jammu and rightly so. New Delhi needs to be stopped at all costs and if a particular community in Jammu doesn’t understand the gravity and seriousness of issue, it is the political leadership whether main stream or separatist who need to rise to occasion.
PDP for the reason to continue enjoying power may try to down play and divert the WP issue, but it is the resistance leadership which has to deliver. It doesn’t mean that main stream parties can escape from their responsibilities, but for the reason that even those who vote them don’t support them over sensitive issues, as the parties involved in electoral politics have very often disassociated themselves from the real sentiments of masses, bails them out. Separatists have support of masses and they call everybody except themselves as traitors. The resistance leadership always downplays even very sensible and sincere efforts, if someone from main stream camp tries to support the mass resistance or speaks for even plebiscite.

If Omar Abdullah and others are traitors why should someone expect them to annoy New Delhi, however, if mainstream parties really believe in their claims then for the sake of their nation and to satisfy their conscience they need to fight tooth and nail the colonial attitude of New Delhi and there is every reason that mainstream parties even without support of Huriyat can force New Delhi to revoke the decision of issuing domicile certificates to WP refugees.

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