Exploring the Bizarre Truths of Traveling


Fawadul Amin

The departure to unknown lands, where you are peculiar to the tongue, a complete stranger strangling in wilderness, awaking alone at dawn; that is the freedom you wish to breathe in. When you find the courage to lose the sight of shore, only then you have a lion’s heart to discover new oceans and all the horizons. Cast your eyes in wonder and take shallow breaths as if you are dropped dead for ten seconds; only then you have learned the true essence of life. Leap into the sea of wonders and get a break from the bored, monotonous routine. Enjoy your travelling journey and forget about all potholes on the way; this world is a book and those who stay stagnant, unfortunately read only the title page. We breathlessly wait for holiday season but when the traveling descends upon, all the rose- colored petals start turning grey. From the very beginning, planning for a location till the thought of reaching back to home, it is a full time torment of emotions and sentiments. Gear up for that nostalgia and explore new winds. Touring in new places and learning all about the favorite casinos, hold yourself for a second; there are best new bingo sites that you would like to explore, even more urgently. For you travel in exploring new people and their customs and life styles.  Discover the casinos of the world, Casino Canberra in Australia, Casino Nova Scotia in Canada, City of Dreams in China, Casino Helsinki in Finland, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore; and the list goes on till your strength lasts to see the sights.  Travelling is not about being rich in pocket; the lust to be lost in new sails is what matters. While travelling what you realize is, those you consider as the strangers are the ones deserved to befriend with. The feeling you have while receding away from faces you recognize till only left is mist- that is when you realize world is a burial chamber approaching you, and for a short while it is all byes’ and take cares’ but ultimately you are leaping down to a new adventure, to a wholly bizarre endeavor.