Nimaz-e-Istisqa for rain offered in Muzaffarabad


Muzaffarabad: Namaz-e-Istisqa organized by Central Seerat Committee was offered at Mera Tanoolian in the outskirt of Muzaffarabad on Friday to seek Allah’s blessing for much-needed rains. Led by Moulana Zahoor ahmed Chishti, the Nimaz-e- Istisqa was attended by large number of residents of the area including children and disabled. After the Nimaz congregation was addressed by a number of religious scholar including Moulana Shabir Ahmed, Alama Zahoor Ahmed Chishti, Mufti Imran Raza Chishti, Qazi Zia al Mustafa and Secretary Central Seerat Committee, Attiq Ahamed Kiani. The ulema scholars urged the people to seek forgiveness of Almighty Allah, repent for their sins and arrange special prayers for much needed rains in all parts of Azad Kashmir. They further said that when slaves of Allah turn to their Lord with sincerity and devotion He never disappoint them.