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Trump & Kashmir

M Fazal Elahi

During his election campaign and also immediately after winning the US Elections President-elect Donald Trump vociferously and repeatedly said that the Hindus and India will be the best of friends for him and the US during his 4-year stint as the 45th US President. Donald Trump couldn’t have been more specific and vivid about his relations with India.  News published in different dailies of the country, lately, expressing government of Pakistan’s hope that Donald Trump would play a mediating role between India and Pakistan vis-à-vis the lingering Kashmir issue is ludicrous particularly when seen in the background of Trump’s  extremely negative pre and post-election rhetoric against the Muslims and Pakistan, and radically in favor of the Hindus and India. Pakistan should start thinking more pragmatically and analyse the current situation bearing in mind the ground realities that speak loudly of the intent of the incoming government in the US.

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