Shelling at LoC aims to distract world attention from atrocities in IOK: AJK President


Muzaffarabad: Stressing on the need of sustained diplomatic campaign for the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue at global level, AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said the dispute cannot be resolve through bilateral talks between India and Pakistan.

Speaking at a crowded news conference at Kashmir House Islamabad, the president said that India started unprovoked shelling at Line of Control to deviate world attention from the happenings in Occupied Kashmir and prevent Pakistan from highlighting the situation in the territory of Kashmir under its occupation.

Expressing his deep shock and grief over the losses of lives and property in recent shelling by Indian forces in Nakyal Sector of AJK, he said four civilians have lost their lives and scores of others wounded.

The president said engagement of mainstream media in Pakistan’s internal political commotion has not only emboldened Indian to launch an offensive on LoC but also sent a negative message across the border.

The president urged the media to allocate some of air time and print spaces for Kashmir along with the coverage of internal political issues of the country. Describing Kashmir as foundation of the ideology and interest of the country, the president said that solution of Kashmir conflict lies in the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions.

Referring to his recent visit to UK and Norway, Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan said that Pakistani diplomats in both the country are playing a crucial role in highlighting Kashmir issue. He said that Pakistani and Kashmiri community especially the members of the parliament of Kashmiri origin wield a significant political clout and influence in both UK and Norway. He added that native members of parliament in UK and Norway also considerably understand unresolved Kashmir issue and its implications for the peace of the region.

The president said that during his visit to the both countries he held meetings with over a dozen parliamentarians, interacted with the media and addressed the gatherings of Pakistani and Kashmiri community and convinced them to exert pressure on India to stop atrocities in Kashmir. He said that he also called upon the parliamentarians to use their influence on their respective government to help end the state terrorism in occupied Kashmir and crimes against the humanity there.