Imran urged to desist from destabilizing country


Abbaspur: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan should shun the politics of violence and agitation and hold dialogues with government to sort of his differences. This was stated by veteran leader former candidate of AJK Legislative Assembly LA-17 (Poonch), Raja Ashraf Kiani while talking to newsmen on Saturday. He said that Pakistan is passing through a most critical juncture of its history because of security threats both on its eastern and western borders and Pakistani nation needs a solid unity.

He urged Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf Chief Imran Khan to postpone his agitation call for Islamabad and hold dialogues with government. He said that Imran Khan did have democratic and constitutional right to criticize and protest against the government but his plan to lockdown Islamabad and paralyzing the state machinery is not in the interest of the country.

Mr Kiani said If Imran Khan is really interested in betterment of Pakistan and democratic system he should immediately postpone Islamabad lockdown keeping in view the internal and external threats to the country,” he said while talking to newsmen at Dhar Bazaar.

He said the whole responsibility would be on Imran Khan  if democratic system was derailed due to agitation of PTI. Ashraf Kiani said peaceful atmosphere was must for economic development of Pakistan and Imran Khan and other opposition leaders should not overlook this fact. He criticized Imran Khan over his extended politics of agitation and said his protest plans have failed as it did not enjoy support of masses.