Imran identifies Javed Sadiq as Shehbaz Sharif’s frontman


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan alleged that rulers of the country were involved in corruption through their frontman Javed Sadiq.

The PTI chief said Sadiq was Shehbaz Sharif’s frontman and had received Rs 15 billion in commission to date. He also released pictures of Sadiq.

“Our rulers think corruption is legal and protest is illegal,” Khan said, adding that IMF chief had warned that no investment would flow into Pakistan until corruption is eliminated.

He called the Prime Minister a ‘liar’ and ‘lawbreaker’ on Wednesday, claiming that in no other democracy could a Prime Minister be allowed to break the law four times.

Addressing the Islamabad High Court Bar Association earlier today, Imran Khan said accountability and democracy are the same thing and everyone is answerable before the law, irrespective of their position.

Citing example of Iceland’s prime minister who resigned amid controversy over his offshore holdings, the PTI chief called for the need for independent institutions so that justice can be meted out.

“Only when the judiciary is independent can it stop corruption,” he said.

On rigging, Imran Khan claimed that the Prime Minister had said in a speech in Haripur that the elections were rigged.

“25 million ballot papers mysteriously disappeared yet the Election Commission declared the elections as fair,” said Khan.

Taking aim at Khursheed Shah, the PTI chief called the Opposition leader ‘Double Shah’ and said there were cases against Khursheed Shah in NAB which is why he would not say anything against the institution.

PM Nawaz Sharif and Khursheed Shah together appointed the NAB chief, Imran accused, adding that such incidents were destroying the country’s character.

“Corrupt mafia rules this great nation,” said Khan.

On the Panama Papers issue, Imran Khan said the Prime Minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz was found to own offshore holdings in the Panama Leaks.

“Kulsoom Nawaz said in an interview she bought a flat in the 90s, Nawaz Sharif said the flats were bought in 2006,” Imran said, claiming that the lies were told to avoid money laundering accusations.

The PTI chief said the public would see Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan team take on Nawaz Sharif’s ‘Corruption eleven’ in the final match on November 2 in the capital.

Imran Khan added that when one million people would march on the capital next week, lockdown would occur automatically. He further warned that if the government tries to stop the protest, it should get ready to face retaliation.

On Tuesday Imran Khan called the Prime Minister a ‘security risk’ for the country, fueling controversy when he said that every time his party plans to launch a protest something happens in the country.