IMF, World Bank declare Ishaq Dar best Finance Minister in South Asia


WASHINGTON – Authorities of International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have declared Ishaq Dar, the best Finance Minister in South Asia of 2016 in an annual meeting.

Dar is to be presented an award in this regard by the foreign authorities this year.

Sources privy to Finance Ministry reported that in light of tensed situation at the border, Dar would not attend the ceremony and Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Jalil Abbas Jilani would be receiving the award on his behalf.

Ishaq Dar, during his ongoing tenure held multiple successful talks with International Monetary Fund and got approved for Pakistan different loan tranches under economic reforms package.

He recently visited France and convinced two French automakers to invest in Pakistan, proving through the recent economic betterment that Pakistani market was lucrative for investors.

In his tenure that started in 2013, different international organisations have hailed Pakistan’s economy as one of the emerging business-committed markets.