Letter to the Editor Political Chaos




By Sahera Iqbal Bajwa

A  politician refers to one skilled in politics. Politics and leadership is about values and priorities and a successful leader is, first and foremost conscious and self- aware of how he impact the people, the society within his sphere of influence. Unfortunately politicians in our country are not professional and skilled politicians indeed. A politician always represents his nation, and make policies for the betterment of his people. He represents his nation and never plans for years, but always plans for generations. Our politicians are NOT true representatives of people, but representatives of money, status, property and business. Unfortunately we are having a variety of Politicians in our country. All of them have their own ideology, objectives and set of goals. And they pulling and punch each other to achieve their set objectives. Some one is trying to achieve his political agenda to be in power by hook or crook and other made financial gains of millions. Remaining are rolling stones , shuffling from one side to the other creating a chaos like situation. The pathetic reality about our politicians is that we have many successful politicians but not a single political leader. We have a system, in which no one is ready to be responsible, and have no idea what sort of problems people in fact are dealing with each day and those who Pakistani Nation is looking forward to act to ensure stable, secure and protected environment, have never had to face consequences of law and order condition, policies and bad  decisioned -economic. In this whole situation sufferer is Pakistani Nation, the real support of these politicians. The greatest strength, the youth of Pakistan is also troubled from years. But not moving ahead to demand for their rights. Here instead of making money, our politicians need to empower and strengthen the Youth, the pride of nation. They need to educate the youth and encourage to come up to work for the betterment of this country. The way to strengthen the youth is to provide education, which makes responsible, scientific, open minded, honest, self-respecting, logical and patriotic. Without developing these virtues no one will be successful, neither Nation, nor politicians. Here I am considering politicians and Pakistani Nation as two different identities. And it will remain separate until our politicians set their objectives for development of this country, its people and its youth rather than promotion of their own families’ development and up gradation culture. Youth also need to hands to gather against this pathetic political system. Because its our youth’s quality, pure spirit, inspiration and determination that will define the kind of future of men, societies and the whole nation.