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Faizabad blockade: ‘Breakthrough’ expected following govt-protesters ‘positive’ talks

ISLAMABAD: A major breakthrough is expected anytime as officials have reported positive progress in talks between the government and protesters to end the blockade of Faizabad Interchange.

More than 2,000 protesters have been blocking the crucial flyover linking the federal capital with Rawalpindi for over two weeks.

The situation has been causing immense trouble for the commuters and dwellers of the twin cities.

An official of the religious affairs ministry familiar with the development told on Wednesday evening that “good news” is expected soon.

Govt names six-member clerics committee for talks

When asked if Tehreek-e-Labbaik would call off the protest, the official, who wished to remain anonymous, asked to “wait for the official announcement”.

The development comes a day after government notified a six-member clerics committee, headed by Pir Haseenuddin Shah, to hold talks with the protesters. The committee only includes clerics from the Barelvi sect and has no representative of the government.

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