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Time to move beyond rhetoric

United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has reiterated his concern over the deteriorating situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir where Indian forces have killed at least 20 Kashmiris during fresh wave of violence. “The Secretary-General has expressed and will continue to express his concern at the situation (in Kashmir). “I think we spoke about it earlier in the week, reminding all parties of the need to protect civilians,” spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters on Thursday. According to the spokesman, the UN chief was very closely following the situation and good offices of the UN were open to act as a bridge between India and Pakistan.
The spokesman stressed that while India was opposed to UN mediation in resolving the Kashmir dispute, Pakistan had continuously sought the secretary general’s good offices to resolve the decades-long dispute.
The UN secretary general has been generous enough to share his concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in the troubled valley but the question is that how much of blood is needed to be spilled to make the world realize the dangerous situation in Kashmir where every household has its tales of oppression and injustice to tell, where people have exhausted of shouldering coffins of their young children, where people are being killed, maimed, blinded with impunity by Indian occupation forces.
Kashmiris do have a right to live in peace. Like other peoples of the world they too have a right to live a peaceful life. Since the people of this forsaken land (Kashmir) have suffered terribly due to the protracted conflict they could not be left at mercy of occupation forces which have let loose the reign of state terrorism and violence in the region. Given the vulnerable situation in the region a sincere and genuine effort on the part of highest body is needed to prevent the situation from slipping out of the hands. Being the custodian of peace and justice, the UN has a role in maintaining peace and facilitate co-operation in solving international disputes.
Since Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute the UN is duty bound to resolve this issue in line with the resolutions it had passed many years back. The history of the subcontinent bears testimony to the fact that India’s traditional intransigence and obduracy remained a major hurdle in way of peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute. Instead of paying lip service to the violence in Kashmir the time has come that UN should move beyond the rhetoric and play a predominant role to get the issue solved as early as possible.

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