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The skin disease Leishmaniasis affects hundreds women, children

Rafiullah Mandokhail;

ZHOB: Leishmaniasis – a parasitic skin disease transmitted by sand-fly has affected hundreds of people including women and children in different parts of the district. According to Dr. Abdul Qayyum, focal person World Health Organization at Leishmaniasis center at DHQ civil hospital, over two hundred patients have approached the center, where they have been vaccinated against the ailment that caused by the sand-fly bite. The flies transmitting Leishmaniasis usually exist in warm parts of the district, where the flies can survive. He said.

“In recent months the number of affected reached two hundred and three patients, belonging to Gwal, Shin Ghar, Kurei Wasta, Manikhwa, Surlakkai and other areas of both Zhob and Sherani districts,” adding the treatment was stropped for three months due to non-availability of anti-leishmaniasis vaccines. He lamented.

Head of the Leishmaniasis center said that the disease is locally known as ‘Kaldana’ that is transmitted by female sand-fly bite. Besides treatment he said, he also focused on the awareness regarding preventive aspect of the skin disease that causes deformities and leaves permanent scars on faces.

“In initial stage a pimple appears on the skin after the bite, which grows with the passage of time and becomes very ugly and persists for a long time. Sometimes, the period lasts for a year”. He added.

Medical Superintendent Dr. Akhter Mandokhail said that the DHQ hospital caters to over 0.5 million estimated population of Zhob, comprising dozens of villages, besides the patients belonging to nearby districts Sherani, Killa Saifullah, Musakhail, nomadic population and Pak-Afghan borders areas.

“The hospital delivers services to poor people of far-flung areas. Anti-leishmaniasis, anti-rabies, anti-snake and other life saving drugs are available at the hospital”, he said.

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