Fiza Fatima Naqvi
Children’s Animated Media has been a subject of bad controversy in recent years due to its destructive results on youngsters. Concerns have been raised about the effect of this kind of media on kid’s development. Critics argue that such media can make a contribution to the early sexualization of children, in addition to the perpetuation of harmful social norms and values. Additionally, there had been growing concerns approximately the ability for this form of media to desensitize children to violence and promote aggressive behavior. In the last five years, there were numerous research and reports highlighting the bad impact of The Rainbow Propaganda and Children’s Animated Media on youngsters, leading to calls for more regulation and responsible content introduction inside the industry. There have been numerous examples of LGBTQ+ inclusion in children’s media. One such example is the show “The Loud House,” which introduced a character with two dads. This portrayal was met with both positive reception and backlash from audiences and critics. Other shows, such as “Adventure Time” and “The Legend of Korra,” subtly incorporated LGBTQ+ themes through the development of complex character relationships. On the other hand, movies like “Onward” and “Toy Story 4” “Blues Clues”, “Coco melon”, “my little pony”, “Ciau”, “Arthur” have taken a more explicit approach by featuring openly LGBTQ+ characters. The range of approaches highlights the industry’s commitment to inclusivity while navigating the sensitivity and complexity surrounding this representation. Lets look some of the recent film and have a brief insight on to the type of animations that kids were exposed to! The three movies that were most prominent were Nimona, A Strange World as well as the debut film by Dan Levy Good Grief. Nimona a film featuring a non-binary protagonist and a gay couples romance. The question is the same is this type of exposure necessary? The Disney Film A Strange World features a gay teenager and his supportive family. The point is that this film is suppose to be about three generations of explorers finding themselves in the middle of a strange world. Yet for their to be a gay character seems extremely far fetched and unnecessary. Simply put it’s like a trend that entertainment companies have to be a part of. The concept of diversity in itself isn’t problematic. The real problem lies with how our media has pushed it in the minds of young kids. It’s a common known fact children mimic behavior. To have this expectation that children will understand the complexities of gender identity or sexual orientation is outrageous. It is high time parents are made aware of this issue and regulate the type of content their child is exposed to.

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