Altaf Hamid Rao.

Overseas Kashmiris celebrate Eid with Pakistan.

MIRPUR ( AJK),  (Parliament Times)  : In a vibrant display of unity and cultural celebration, hundreds of Kashmiri families residing in Calgary, Canada, came together to participate in the post-Eid festivities titled ‘Eid Millan’ on Friday, says a message reaching and released to the media here on Saturday.

US and Canada- based Kashmiri diaspora community celebrated the sanctified festival simultaneously with observance of the Muslims sacred day, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan ul Mubarak.

“Organized by the Chinar Kashmir Community Foundation (CKCF), a non-profit organization committed to community development and preserving Kashmiri identity, the event was a testament to the strong social and cultural connections within the diaspora community. Established in 2013, CKCF has been actively fostering community cohesion through various events, providing a platform for social interaction and cultural exchange.

With over 300 Kashmiri diaspora members gathering under one roof, the Eid Millan celebration marked a joyous occasion for all involved. In its 10th-year anniversary, CKCF acknowledges the dedication and hard work of its members who have tirelessly contributed to the organization’s growth and success. A special tribute was paid to key board members for their invaluable services over the past decade.

On this occasion, CKCF presented a special shield to acknowledge the services of the following board members: Akhtar Hussain Kayani, Altaf Khan, Anwar Hussain Kiani, Asif Mehmood, Asif Nazir, Imtiaz Nazir, Inzar Shah, Janat Hussain (Shero), Khalid Khan, Khalid Mehmood, Khalid Naeem, Muhammad Riaz Khan, Muhammad Zahid Khan, Sajjad Hussain, Sajjad Tabassum, Saqib Khan, Shahzad Nabi, Syed Abrar Shah, Talib Hussain Khan, and Tariq Mehmood.

CKCF extends its gratitude to them on behalf of the community. Mr. Irfan Sabir, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, and Mr. Happy Mann, Senior Advisor to the Leader of the UCP Community Outreach in Alberta, also participated in the event. They distributed awards, certificates, two Umrah tickets, and other prizes among the winners.

The members of the Board of Directors—Abdul Qayyum, Akhtar Kiani, Asif Nazir, Asim Khan, Imtiaz Nazir, Irshad Mahmood, Khalid Khan, Saqib Khan, Talib Khan, Tariq Mahmood, and Zahid Khan—jointly thanked the community members for participating in the Eid Milan party. They resolved to hold more events, gatherings, and training sessions for the empowerment of the Kashmiri community living in Calgary, the message concluded.

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