Khalid Sibtain

Islamabad :Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Monday said the by-election’s results had shattered the narrative of a “foreign funded Fitna” (Imran Khan) who bent upon maligning the state institutions by hurling accusations, abuse and threats.

She, in a news statement, questioned the rationale behind the narrative pursued by Imran Khan against state institutions after his win on six seats of the National Assembly in the recently held by polls.

“Will the absolutely fraud demand resignation of the chief election commissioner in his press conference today. Will the foreign agent make a speech against the ‘neutrals’ today,” she said while posing a series of questions to Imran Khan.

She said whether the thief of Toshakhana would name the “Mr X” and “Mr Y” today. Would the “foreign funded Fitna” continue to target the chief election commissioner by hurling abuse, threats and accusations on him, the minister inquired.

Marriyum ridiculed Imran Khan for celebrating the PTI’s further loss of two seats in the Parliament. Imran Khan still lacked the magic number—172 which was required to oust an incumbent government.

She said Imran Khan could not dictate the government and Parliament after losing two of his own seats in the by polls.

He could not change the government by attacking the Federal Capital and creating anarchy in the country.

The minister said Imran Khan did not get the license to launch an assault on Islamabad after winning six seats in the election. “PTI has become a one-man party which has no candidate other than Imran Khan,” she added.

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