Tank, (Adam Khan Kundi): Wasa clerk Chaudhry Ataullah became TMO of three tehsils and spent crores on bogus bills. TMA office is being run by TMO Chaudhry Ataullah from Dera by remote control.
According to sources, TMO Tank is also running the administrative affairs of two tehsils of South Waziristan at the same time.On the one hand, the Tank people have been wandering in search of water for the last one month, on the other hand, the incompetent and politically motivated TMOs are trying unsuccessfully to run an office from Dera instead of solving the problems of the people. Machinery and transformers for the bored tube well of Mohalla Phol Shah have been delayed due to lack of interest of TMO which reinforces the fact that TMO is not serious in solving water problems with water problems. There are piles of garbage all over the city while the drains of Tehsil Building Road are also facing the TMO. He was appointed due to his political affiliation as the present TMO has also performed the duties of polling agent for the Dera City mayoral candidate in the last local body elections. However, alleged sources have also revealed that
Out of Rs 50 million released by the provincial government for employees’ salaries and pensioners, Rs 20 million has been vowed to create an Eid campaign. Millions of rupees have been bogusly transferred to the accounts of some influential TMA employees. Rights have been robbed, salaries have been paid to about 100 ghost employees among TMA employees sitting at home. Each employee takes 8,000 to 10,000 bribes. With the alleged connivance of the TMA administration and union officials, Rs 9,000 per employee was deducted in the name of compensation. It has also been revealed that money has been withdrawn from the checks of some employees by transferring them directly to their accounts.

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