ISLAMABAD:   Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said when the PM of the country plunders national wealth then the country goes weak economically.

“ Sharif and Bhutto families are responsible for the economic woes of the country. Government is in war with the corrupt mafia. When there is rule of two corrupt parties in the country then it becomes impossible for the third political party to come to power despite struggle’, PM said this in an interview with a foreign TV channel.

He held a welfare state was there in the objectives of the founding father.

The developing countries are poor for the very reason that their rulers elite class and prime ministers loot the national wealth, he remarked When PM of any country loots national wealth then the country goes weak economically, he said adding “ I want a corruption free Pakistan.

He underlined that Bhutto and Sharif families want to establish their family system rather than political system.

I have not come in the politics to mint money but I have come under some mission. I want to do some thing and give some thing. The people having mindset like me should participate in politics. Those who want to join politics to mint money should be rejected. I am opposed to corruption. Action should be taken no matter the corrupt elements are from my party. Sugar commission was constituted so that the corrupt elements could be identified”, he stated.

When we came to power our performance was good. When corona came it affected every thing, he remarked.

Pakistan is divided into three education systems, he indicated. Urdu system is in place in government schools, English in private schools and a different system is in place in the Madaris. We introduced uniform system of education in the country. More work is underway in this regard. I want to see Pakistan on the pattern of state of Medina.

“ I talked against Islamophobia on every forum in the world. We have our religious feelings. The western countries should respect our religious sentiments. Our success in life lies in adherence to teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Every country including western countries should avoid insulting any religion”, he held.

“I can not represent 10 percent Westernized Elite class. 90 percent people of Pakistan wear shalwar and shirt. I am their representative. I have spent three years of my government very busy. I have no social life, he underlined.

Pakistan has always talked of positive negotiations with India. But we don’t hope for any good thing from India now, he held.

Occupied Kashmir is depicting picture of a big prison, he said adding 8 million Kashmiris are forced to spend their life in an open prison. I fear in the presence of BJP, nuclear war may erupt.

He reiterated we highlight Kashmir issue on every forum,. While BJP government is dangerous for India and the entire region. The world community should take notice of the matters related to Occupied Kashmir. India is committing human rights violations with impunity in Occupied Kashmir.
US are in shock due to what has happened in Afghanistan. Worse than 2001 situation has been created in Afghanistan. US is in fury on surrendering by Afghan government without resistance. If situation deteriorates in Afghanistan then Pakistan will be affected more than any other country.

He added no Afghan citizen was involved in 9/11. But imposition of war by US on Afghanistan was a frenzied step. US kept Afghanistan under its occupation for 20 years in the name of so called war. It is beyond any comprehension US wanted to achieve what targets in Afghanistan.

He observed that 14 million people of Afghanistan are looking forward for assistance. US should not leave Afghan people in lurch now, he added.

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