Hamgul Gangozar
The Sailkoat blasphemous incident once again gave the world one of the worst images of Pakistan. Hence, this was such an inhuman, brutal event that was addressed by numerous personalities, including scholars, moderates, activists, human rights defenders, journalists, politicians and many more. However this is not first or even not expected to be the last blasphemy case but a continuation of years. According to the report of Human Rights Watch, conducted in 2019 90% percent of blasphemous cases are never to come to a judgment and based on false allegations. They (blasphemers) have been always killed under the trail by the religious extremists who have taken the law into their hands. The European Union Parliament several times passed resolution against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan by claiming that the blasphemy laws in Pakistan are being misused and the fundamental rights of the minorities are being infringed. Apart from all of these still there wasn’t any positive reaction from the government of Pakistan regretfully.

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