Asfand Ali
Child marriages are widely spread in Afghanistan minimum at the age of 15 or 16 international standards of 18 years old and it is affected more girls than boys. Almost 58% of girls are married before the age of 18 in Afghanistan. If girls are married early before the age of 18 some factors are playing a big role like the economy, culture, political family background, etc. If girls get married at a young age, they are unable to obtain the education, and mostly UNICEF works with a religious path to assure that they are not involved in nikah Poor families sell their daughters for marriage from wealthy families the process of child marriages in not common in Afghanistan high ratio spreading of child bridges in Nigeria with 76% of girls married at the age of 17 and 18. Early marriages are not allowed in any circumstances and 28% Afghan women get to marry when they are 18th birthday and girls who get married before the age of 18 they are less to remain from schools and have more experience domestic violence child brides sometimes get pregnant during adolescence while pregnancy and birth increases for their infants. This child marriage in Afghanistan is illegal and sell their wishes for study by men, wives’ ancestors etc.and most of teenage girls are not get permission to go to school and education is best phenomena protects negative copying mechanism. Factor Leading to Child Marriage in Afghanistan Child marriages affect education at a young age has no action on their education When educating girls are at secondary schools, they have the authority to recognize at what time and whom they want to marry, and they assure they can lead their life. Once girls get married it’s very difficult to return because of having a family almost 60 percent of women get married with no education at the age of 20-25. where education is less considerable than marriage in Afghanistan reflects the large mentality.

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