Sahiwal, (Bureau Report) :  Chairman Market Committee Sahiwal Mian Babar Saghir has said that all sections of the society have to work together for the fight against corruption. Corruption is the biggest branch of unconsciousness, the killer of merit and justice. He expressed these views while discussing the topic of Anti-Corruption Day on December 9. He said that every person should consider his job as duty and worship. Corruption and corruption is a pit which has become addicted to humiliation and disgrace. Elimination is inevitable for which every member of the society has to play his role, he said, adding that corruption is not a one-sided act and therefore refusal on both sides is a condition for its elimination. And it is not the responsibility of the government but every individual of the society has to play his key role, the bright future of the coming generations lies in the eradication of corruption so every person has to make self-accountability the motto.

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