Iqra Muhammad Jan
No doubt covid19 is an epidemic claiming the millions of deaths in the entire world, everybody fears of coronavirus but the people fighting against this, are doctors and policemen similarly, their sacrifices of lives to save the people from this deadly virus need not mentioning. The look around us can make us the realization how they put themselves in danger in orders to save the others. All they do is to save the humanity. Every one of us should pay tribute to the real heroes because they are the savers of humanity as the Holy Quran says “Saving an innocent life is saving the humanity.” In this situation, they are the only ones preserving the others from any harmful occurrences. It is not easy to handle the causes of the virus but they do their best to protect the humans on the other hand, it makes me so disappointing to know in spite of their sacrifices they are not facilitated to treat the patients while they are put in too danger to lose their lives. Previously, doctors related to Baluchistan asked for the facilities were put into the custody. It is impossible to do something without the required items on the other side, they governmental teachers are left to enjoy and get their salaries by doing nothing. The doctors and policemen are not left in important occasions. We must salute these fighters fighting against deadly virus. I request to the government to fulfil their requirements in any ways so that they could better save the people.

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