Balkh: Afghanistan National Army (ANA) officials on Saturday said 35 Taliban fighters were killed and 40 others had been wounded in US airstrikes in Chahar Bolak district in northern Balkh province.
Mohammad Hanif Rezaye, spokesman for 209 Shaheen Military Corps in Balkh, said the airstrikes were carried out on Saturday in close cooperation with the Afghan commandos and lasted 40 minutes.
The airstrikes targeted Arzankar village in Chahar Bolak district. Commandos then launched operations and cleared the village of Taliban, Rezaye said.
According to Rezaye, a Taliban stronghold and dozens of their weapons were destroyed in the airstrikes.
A week ago a clearing operation was launched to maintain security of vulnerable areas in Chahar Bolak district and the operation is ongoing.
Balkh governor Mohammad Ishaq Rahgozar and former governor Atta Mohammad Noor also participated in the operation.

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