Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Pakistan Council for Science & Technology (PCST) has recently announced the final results of Productive Scientists of Pakistan for 2017. PCST evaluate the productive scientists on the basis of quality research, contribution including academicians, engineers and doctors of the country, particularly those involved in the production of the new knowledge. PCST previously published eight directories on the subject “Productive Scientist of the Pakistan” in the last 20 years. This is the ninth study carried out and it includes the data of 4154 scientists of Pakistan employed in public / private sector, universities, colleges and R&D organizations who have contributed in scientific research. Chairman PARC, Dr. Yusuf Zafar (T.I) got the top position as being the most Productive Scientist of Pakistan for the year 2017 in the field of Agriculture. The criteria were based on 10 measurable indicators. It is also a matter of pleasure that the name of 41 scientists of PARC have been included in the Directory of Productive Scientists of Pakistan in the subject of Agriculture and Biological Sciences.

It’s a matter of great Pride for all of PARC Scientists that its Chairman has been announced as top productive scientist for the year 2017. Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I, had also been placed at the top of the list of productive scientists of Pakistan for the Year 2016.

The scientist community congratulated the Chairman for this highly valuable achievement, which will not only be a source of inspiration for PARC young scientist in particular but also for scientist working in National Agricultural Research System of Pakistan in general.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I, Chairman PARC said that PARC scientists have now a strong reason to boost up their work for securing national food security through their research effort with dedication under the able guidance of such a productive scientist.

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