Belgium: (Parliament Times) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Belgium chapter on Thursday paid rich tributes to Sardar Aftab Khan for his services to the cause of independence of Jammu Kashmir.

A condolence reference held under the aegis of JKLF Belgium chapter was attended by many JKLF and Kashmiri political leaders, intellectual, Media Person, and representatives of civil. Speakers on the occasion paid glowing tributes to Sardar Aftab Khan. They said,”Independent Kashmir is our dream and our struggle will be continue until victory”. They added we want freedom, peace, Democracy, free media, and Justice, They demanded the right of Self-Determination for the people of Jammu Kashmir.

They appealed to the UN and EU to immediately send their fact finding missions in order to take stock of the situation in IHK. “It is high time for the international community to intervene and stop the genocide of the people of Kashmir”, they said adding that the International Community particularly the Europe Union, must give top priority to the issue of Kashmir. They also demanded the World Community to take effective notice of worsening human rights situation in IHK, and the Indian naked aggression on the LoC.

Of those who spoke on the occasion included Mushtaq Ali Dewan, President Belgium Branch, Masood Iqbal Mir General Secretary Europe Zone Mr,Khalil Habib Advocate Former Secretary General,Sardar Nasim Iqbal Advocate Senior leader JKLF, Ashafiq Qamar Deputy General Secretary, Gulfaraz Khan Deputy organizer Eu Zone, Zaheer Zahid General Secretary Belgium Branch JKLF, Sabir Malik JKNAP, Dr. Ishaq Khan UKPNP,Dr Sajjad Saeed,Sardar Javid Akhtar,Waseem Advocate, Ch Khalil, Assad Khan & others.

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