ISLAMABAD (Parliament Times): All the dead bodies of ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane PK-661 passengers have been delivered to the family members.

Eleven dead bodies of victims, including six of a family, were airlifted from Islamabad’s Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to Chitral through C-130.

Only three dead bodies of foreigners have been left at PIMS.

Earlier on Friday, six victims including Prince Farhad Aziz and his daughter Princess Tayyaba Aziz, the members of royal family of Chitral, Loon village’s Umra Khan, Booni’s Akbar Ali, and two sisters Farah Naz and Rani Mehreen from Ranga Darosh were laid to rest in Chitral.

District Nazim Chitral Maghfirat Shah collected the bodies from Chitral Airport on behalf of the district government.

On the other hand, 14-year-old Haseena Gul, who lost her parents and four siblings in the unfortunate incident, is now facing a new problem.Many people are now ready for her guardianship as she is expected to receive Rs3.30 crore as compensation money.


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