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Title: Rights and Liberty at the University Campuses in Islamabad

Sher Zada
Nowadays students are looking very active in political and civic chores worldwide. Most of the political and change oriented movements are run by the energetic youth. Although it is a good sign of change and getting appreciations from different segments of society, but besides appreciations, they are under parallel criticism from others in same society. Recently students staged a two weeks protest at Quaid-e-Azam (QAU) one of the premier varsity in Islamabad the heart of Pakistan. The protest was mainly focused and charged on the decision of 10% increase in fees, prior there were some clashes between students from different ethnic groups so called students societies, on campus internal politics, which ignited youth learners on ambush against each other. The university were remained closed and all academic activities were on pause but finally the protestors took win against the administration and the administration withdrew its decision of increase in fees. A committee was syndicated to resolve the issue of expelled students. Following the same approach yesterday female students at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) were in action to record their protest against the decision of administration.
The administration of the said university instructed the students to follow the dress conduct, mean veiling, limited to Hijab (Abaya) and avoid styling themselves same as the students studying in other universities inside the country. Though these were the less lethal objections as students were complaining about liberty on the campus, strict vigilance on their movement specially, booking rides through internet run applications as the varsity has banned entry of Uber and Careeem on demand transport services for security reasons. Whatever, there is sparking connections between the latest developments in students’ movements at QAU and IIUI. There is improvement on the part of students opts for their rights. However, there is eminent difference of liberty, freedom and politics between QAU and IIU. The former provides a an open platform for its pupils to express their ideas without any vocal and written hesitations ,while the latter is a bit conservative ,where no one can go against the administration. But as the country is passing through different social and political complexities and control of radical religious lobby is strengthening day by day, which ultimately causing a bittering insecurity among the students to express themselves openly. On the other side IIUI which has strict and totally a fundamentalism coaching style, so it seems to be very difficult to rise a slogan for liberty and demand for rights. There is no doubt that IIUI provide so far satisfactory Islamic environment to enrich its disciples with basic fundamental of Islam. But on other side the repressive charter is igniting rebellion, which can provide an easy nursery to grow radical mindset in the country.
Looking Back at Oct, 2009, where same slogans were raised for freedom and liberty at the campus, a threatening message was communicated via two bomb blasts to stop boarding up same liberal spur available in other varsities in the country , which resulted of losing 6 lives including 3 female students and leaving other 26 injured. The repercussions could be more worst this time .Social media revolutions, which is dragging both liberal and conservative mindsets on extreme. Most of the extremism oriented activities are carried out in the result such intolerance and providence of space to the criminal mindsets. As we have examples before us i.e. Mashal Khan and many others, who give up their lives for the sake of self-expression and fighting for rights .There is an immense need to revise and backlash the results of blunders so far were are bearing of. – (Independent writer, critic, analyst, peace and conflict expert, working as Story Editor at Bajaur Times)

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