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Rain predicted in AJK

MIRPUR: (Parliament Times) Plains as well upper reaches of Azad Jammu & Kashmir are much predicted to receive the much-awaited rain and snowfall respectively during next 24 hours after thick black clouds covered the entire liberated territory since Monday evening.
Concerned authentic experts made the prediction of the first downpour of the just-starting winter from the wee hours on Tuesday which is much expected to continue till Wednesday with pause, authentic official sources told this Correspondent here Monday night.
Cold air has started blowing sincere Monday afternoon decreasing mercury to the greater extent across AJK including Mirpur, the city of the country’s largest reservoir – Mangla dam.
‘Namaz e Iztasqa’ was repeated offered since past many days across AJK for the early rainfall to break the dry spell and thick smog that had thrown hundreds of the people sick in various parts of the state since about past two weeks particularly.

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