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Sports help fight depression and unhealthy habits in a society: Faraz Ahmed

RAWALPINDI: Sports Director club 44 Faraz Ahmed AHF Cricket ground has said Exercise, health and play time is as much important as education and food for children. He has said that sports and games help fight depression and unhealthy habits in a society. There is a huge need for free sports organizations in Pakistan, in every city and village. We are trying our best to provide free platforms to talented children who want to play and cannot afford the costs of equipment, ground fees, match fees and the fees of academies. We want to develop youth with sports and other recreational activities to make them confident, stronger, healthier and generous so that they can grow and help us build our society leading towards a healthy, positive and strong nation. We also urge parents to encourage their children for outdoor activities as these are essential for their growth, development and character building.
Club-44 is working to indulge people in progressive physical and mental activities in a way to motivate talents and to supervise them and guide them towards successful careers. We want to provide platforms and all necessary resources which can help give the deserving talent what they want. Humans have capabilities to become extraordinary. We want to polish, guide and work hard on the people who want to be extraordinary.
Therefore, we have started this Club with enormous possibilities to grow. The Club will deal in Recreational & Physical Activities to promote the talent in all fields. As a start we have already started working on the cricket as we understand the love of nation for this sport. There is huge following of cricket and these extra ordinary numbers of fans are always there to support this wonderful game. We have formed an academy and club for the cricket lovers who are being trained by our professional coaches. Free matches are being arranged to support the talent and the club is already getting admires from everywhere.

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