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Sensitizing international community

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan’s visit to Muzaffarabad the capital of Azad Kashmir to express solidarity with people of Indian held Kashmir is a welcome step that will certainly give a bit of solace to the grieving people in occupied Kashmir who have been reeling under state-terrorism and ominous violence unleashed upon them by the forces of occupation. Addressing the joint session of the AJK Legislative Assembly, the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi termed the gross human rights violations in the Indian occupied Kashmir as a challenge to the world conscience. He said that the UN Security Council Resolutions provide the real grounds for the resolution of the long simmering dispute between Pakistan and India and plebiscite was the only answer to the Kashmir dispute.“India will have to surrender to the will of the people of Kashmir,” he added. Terming the brutalities an “abortive attempt” to silence the Kashmiris, Prime Minister Abbasi said the attempts to cut off lines of communications, ban on internet and curfews would not be able to stop the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir from their struggle for their right to self determination. He said the people in the Indian occupied Kashmir have been resisting against the illegal occupation of their lands for the past seven decades, despite a clear resolution of the United Nations Security Council that calls for a plebiscite, so as to let them decide their future. He however regretted that India reneged on its pledge. Reiterating his country full support to Kashmiris’ ongoing struggle for right to self-determination the PM said, “Pakistan has, is, and will continue to extend full political, moral and diplomatic support to its Kashmiri brethren”.
Under UNCIP Resolutions and Article 257 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the government as well as the people of Pakistan had an obligation to help the people of Kashmir to achieve their long cherished goal to determine their political future on the basis of principles laid down in the UN charter. Being a party to Kashmir dispute it is the sole responsibility of the government of Pakistan to apprise the world of the Indian nefarious designs and its Machiavellian machinations intended to strangulate voice of freedom in occupied Kashmir. So far as the Pakistani state’s response to the grim situation in Kashmir is concerned, the recent spate of state-sponsored-violence in IHK evoked widespread condemnation and at domestic level we have seen there is a huge public outcry over the brutalities committed by Indian forces in Kashmir, which is all but natural but the question is whether these efforts will really make any difference so far as the ground situation in held Kashmir is concerned. The ground situation in IHK will remain unchanged unless and until concerted diplomatic efforts are made to mount pressure on the government of India internationally and for that purpose a comprehensive and well thought out policy is needed to mobilize the international community. In order to expose Indian naked aggression the government must send special envoys to important world capitals to exposé the ugly face of Indian occupation. The OIC platform could be helpful in advancing the cause of Kashmir besides challenging India’s false and farcical narrative on Kashmir that is based on deceit and deception. In the backdrop of recent killings and the shocking news that chemical weapons are being used by Indian troops in Kashmir there is a dire need that an effective diplomatic offense should be launched to highlight Indian brutalities in the region. Moreover the visibly ‘defunct’ parliamentary Kashmir Committee should be rejuvenated so that it could perform its mandated duty regarding Kashmir in a befitting manner. Narrating tales of terror to each other won’t really serve the purpose, instead of telling these stories to our own people who are already aware of the situation in the region, the need of the hour is to synergize these efforts to target world audience that in the long run would be helpful in breaking international community’s silence vis-à-vis the sufferings of Kashmiri people.

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