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Railway station used as a bike wheelie

It has become a new norm for youngsters to use railway station Kohat as bike wheelie, which is not only dangerous for their own lives but their maddening passion and frenzy is a matter of serious concern for passengers who are compelled to walk along their children on the busy station where the danger of accident lurks all time. It is newly constructed station specific portion are made for particular work. There is also a special road for a passenger to reach a railway station. The time of arrival and departure for train from Rawalpindi is 5pm and 7pm respectively, but after 5pm the youngster bikers come to railway station road to practice their bike wheeling. Now this becomes a daily routine, passengers who have their children with them feel insecure and are afraid for their children because any untoward incident can take place at any time. Despite lodging several complaints with relevant authorities, no action whatsoever was taken against those engaged in bike Wheeling. Given the dangers of one-wheeling, one hopes that the competent authorities will discharge their legal and moral responsibility and take a prompt but stern action against these reckless youngsters who risk their own lives by performing dangerous stunts, putting others in trouble.

Aqib Hussain

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