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Private schools collecting three months fee in advance

by Saddia Mazhar

Islamabad :(Parliament Times) as the summer vacations are approaching, the miserise of salaried and
middle class parents are at its door step. Besides the high months tuition fees of the private educational system, the school has send the fee vouchers of the summer vacation I. e June and July. An average tuition Fee of a child is 14,000/15,000
rupees. Tuition fee means the fee against the knowledge in bark in the mind of a kid. But charging the fee for summer vacation is unethical yet illegal. ? There are more then 372 private educational institution in urban Islamabad as per PEIRA (private educational institutions regularity authority) website. It seems that PEIRA is ineffective and taking no action against the education institutions for charging tuition fee for the summer vacation. Despite the complaints and protest by the parents over the social media. It looks that PEIRA is influenced by the education institutions as they are either owned or regarded by politicians /high government officials. The parents has demanded imitate withdrawal of the set fees or they will imitatively start protest on roads and holding PEIRA and educational institutions
responsible of any incident during their peaceful protest.

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