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Personal development- how to pursue passions and ambitions

Written by: Rida Batool;

Being successful and to choose the right career, both depends on how passionate we are in that specific field. For success, we generally think about intelligence, talent, ambition, and value. But the most important thing which is needed to be successful in life is the passion. For example, if you love arts but at the end you started working at bank, then definitely you feel unhappy in life and also at work. Somewhat, if you choose a career in arts like graphic designer or illustrator, then you will surely feel out of the world and also you are assured to be successful when you pursue your ambitions. It is very important to know your passion and goals so that you can feel happy and to be successful.
The true meaning of success is to achieve something that you desired for. Ones who achieve what they desired, are the most successful people. Our desire is most important than money when it comes to work we do. True success is to be proud of the work he or she does.
Passion is to do something that makes you feel happy every time. It is a feeling that excites you to work more and more in a field because you feel relaxed and find gladness by doing it. For every individual this passion can be different, and can be just about from baking to painting, and may be in between them.This passion is very powerful because when it combined with our work then it will become a true means for success.
To be truly successful in life, follow your passion is the main thing. When you are passionate then automatically all the obstacles in the path of success will be removed. Also, you can do better when you love what you are doing.Also, you are prepared to learn more at work because of interest that pushes you to do it. This will not only provide us a good and strong career, and will also give an opportunity of being rewarded well. Our interest in work can become a cause of motivation to work hard.
There are many examples out there of people who have been successful because they were passionate about their work. One of the finest example was Steve Jobs, who is the founder of APPLE Inc. He has a passion for technology. And by following his passion, he became the most successful entrepreneur. He has a strong believe in doing only what you love. He believed that the impact of passion, can transform the world.
Another example is of Mark Zuckerberg, who is CEO of Facebook. He changed the world and become successful at an early age. He suggested that when you don’t make your luck then at least you will be doing what you are passionate for.

So, the true success is not only money and fame but it is about to follow your passion and do what you love. If we are doing work of our interest then surely we will try our best to learn more and work hard accordingly. To be successful in life, it is very important that we follow our ambitions and passions so that we can make progress in our career.

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