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Pasting banners on holy places

As the general elections in the country are around the corner political parties are hectically engaged in making posters, Banners and badges to promote their respective candidates. Most of political parties have completed the first round. But main problem is that that workers of the respective parties are seen pasting their party posters without taking into consideration the sanctity of sacred places. Not to think of sparing Schools, Libraries, government buildings and private places the height of ignorance is that they don’t even care for pasting party posters on the Mosque walls, Imam Bargah or any other holy place. It is my humble request to each and every political party that you are free to paste your posters and banners anywhere on a specific place or location but please don’t disrespect places of worship. It is not against the norms of society but strictly against the sprit of the religion we belong to.

Aqib Hussain;

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