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Pakistani students at Chinese university play folk music, offer desi food on cultural day

BEIJING: Pakistani students at a Chinese university presented a spectacular performance and served Pakistani food, marking an international cultural day at the institute.Tsinghua University rocked to Pakistani folk music and dances and enjoyed traditional foods on the occasion, with a large number of local and international students, Pakistani diaspora, and embassy officials visited the country’s to immerse in the culture and customs of different regions.Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the deputy chief at the Pakistani embassy in Beijing, said her country’s students were doing their best to present the culture among different nations, something that would help others better understand the traditions.Baloch also appreciated the students’ efforts to present the state’s culture in the greatest way.Pakistani students were the largest community in China, Education Attaché Suleman Mahsud said, praising their marvellous efforts to present the country’s culture and norms.Muhammad Fahad, a PhD student at Tsinghua University, said: “Our purpose is to present Pakistani positive image among international students.”Abdul Ghaffar Memon, one of the Pakistan Students Association’s (PASA) members, stated: “Today we are offering free biryani, kheer, and other traditional foods to our guests [to help them] understand how rich we are in our customs!”Abbas Haider, another PhD student who helped organise the event, said: “Our traditional kaththak, luddi, and bhangra dances are very famous in our university.”

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