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My Name is Dr. Mohammad Rafi from Ganderbal.

Zahid Shabir
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It was Friday, I still remember, I with my friend were walking towards the Department of Sociology for attending the elective class in the said department. Being a student of Political Science Department, I was not aware about the faculty of the Sociology Department.
Our class was about the start from 10:05 am and we were waiting outside the classrooms of the Sociology Department. As the time came, a young smart guy came towards the classroom with spectacles on. I and my friend didn’t recognize this young guy as our lecturer and we didn’t enter into the classroom.
As he was approaching towards the classroom, no one moves as he was like other students.
After a while some students who were already attending the classes said that he is our teacher so we rushed into the classroom and took our seats.
Then I whisper into my friend’s ear that is he our teacher? Is he having the art of teaching? Is he a scholar or having a PhD in said subject? And many other questions came to my mind but as soon as he start delivering the lecture, he was answering my questions too.
I got answers to all those questions which were running into my mind. I start loving sociology and start enjoying the class. I became fan of him.
His art of teaching was excellent; his citing of examples for simplifying the questions was unparalleled. The lecture was of an hour but the way he was delivering the lecture, we didn’t saw even once towards the watch which was hanging on the wall in the classroom right some distance from his head.
The time flies and even at once I didn’t feel bored. We all were enjoying as he was giving examples from the local community by which we all were laughing. But he was saying sorry if I hurt anyone after citing the example.
The class was enjoyable. The lecture which he delivered us was about the social movements. He told us that he will continue his lecture tomorrow. He told us that write down your roll numbers on a paper as it was time up for the class.
As he started to leave the classroom he told all of us sorry if my words hurt anyone, don’t take them otherwise. He said bye to all the students. As he was leaving the classroom, one of the students in the classroom shouted sir sir…..hello sir.
He came back and said yes dear any question, sir what is your name? He said my name is DrMohammad Rafi from Ganderbal.
Hope you will never forget this name. Yes sir, we will never forget your name.
Author is from Department of Political Science, University of Kashmir

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