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MLF to donate one day salary for dam fund

Lahore: Milli Labour Foundation (MLF) has announced to donate one day salary for dam fund announced by the chief justice of Pakistan for the construction of two dams.
President Staff Union MCL Muhammad Mahboob Bhatti, Chairman MLF Lahore Mian Ghulam Mustafa, Shah Hussain, Muneer Ahmad Khan, Iftikhar ud Din, Khurram Shahzad Bhatti, Malik Muhammad Aslam, Malik Nasir Awan, Malik Pervez Iqbal, Khalid Naseer, Arif Ali Khan, Aslam Khan and others arranged a press conference, held at town hall. Other representatives of MCL Union were also present.
Addressing to the press conference, Mian Ghulam Mustafa urged to construct dams on urgent basis. He said, “Construction of dams, including Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam, is the matter of country’s future. Unfortunately it has been neglected by the governments.”
“Our rulers neglected the serious needs of the country. India has not only captured Pakistan’s jugular vein but also committed water terrorism by constructing dozens of dams on Pakistan’s waters.” He added.
He further said, “Due to lack of dams in the country, the water crisis has reached a critical level. Pakistan is a agricultural country, but due to non availability of water, our agriculture sector has been severely affected. Our electricity is also costing too high due to absence of dams.”
He announced to donate, on the call of Ameer JuD Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.
He urged the nation to take part in dam funds. “If the nation did not work on it on emergency basis, it would be really difficult to get drinking water in the next few years.”

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