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Karak municipal committee

Respected editor,
One of the common problem faced by the residents of karak city is the poor performance of municipal committee. The supply of drinking water and cleanliness is not ensure in the city cigarette butts, broken bottles, plastic bags are seen everywhere in markets and on the side walks and on public places of city.
The system is choked and are in dilapidated condition and the drains are full of filth spreading stinking smell in the area.
In case of rain the stinking water also enter houses.
In streets having not a single dustbin for garbage. People have no choice but to throw garbage in streets. Karak municipal committee is totally nil in covering the garbage. The littering and trash attract germs flies mosquitoes and insects that effect environment and causes alot of diseases.
Karak municipal committee is also not performing its basic responsibility of the provision of drinking water of karak city.
The government should take it serious and have to take some practical steps to make our home town clean and green.
Irish Khan,

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