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JICA Japan accelerates clean safe drinking water for WASA with the cost of 1-Billion aid: MD WASA Faqir Muhammad Chaudhary

By Mian Rashid Asghar

FAISALABAD: In collaboration of JICA Japan, the old machinery of WASA Faisalabad will be changed with the approved amount costing one Billion (1- Arb) a contract sighed there in Tokyo Japan, sources highlighted to parliament times here today.
The meeting regarding it held in Japan Tokyo where MD WASA Faqir Muhammad Ch. signed the documents(MOU) in the presence of Director General Mr. Yawar Hussain and Vice Chairman WASA Mian Arfan Manaan.
According to WASA sources, this project will get in completion within one & half year period.
By means of this grant, Inline Booster Station water supply will increase to certain extent for the masses of Faisalabad and ultimate decrease in electricity will be possible, WASA spokesman said here today.
According to details, JICA Japan has approved Rs one Arb (1- Billion rupees) for the change of 30 years old machinery with new one for WASA Faisalabad.
Water supply for Faisalabad will be possible by means of new heavy pumps to maximize safe drinking water necessary for human health.
Regarding this JICA project, Tendering in Tokyo Japan were signed in which various Japanese firms participated where ‘Torri Shemma pump manufacturing company’ qualified and JICA on approving it issued the work order.
Acting on this mega project, Cocosy consultant company has been chosen.
Prior to this, thirty years earlier with the cooperation of Asian Development Bank(ADB) the old machinery was replaced with new one and was completed within one and half year that time also. sources added.
The old pumps installed already on “inline booster stations” will be replaced with three 32 cusic and two with 22 cusic whereas 10 new pumps will be installed of 22 & 16 cusic, said WASA Faisalabad.
In this way citizen of Faisalabad could enjoy maximum clean safe drinking water a long dream going to embellished, said the masses.
The Voice of Business and social community has welcomed this grant of 1- billion to the WASA Faisalabad.
The organizations serving the local business community
in Faisalabad’s premier networking organizations thrush out a variety of opportunities to promote their safe clean water, as well as numerous opportunities like the change of old machinery which was necessary for masses’ health development.

The JICA projects are also the leader in huge grant advocacy, acting as The voice of top most support in Pakistan especially in WASA Faisalabad, said MD.

JICA Japan that has already established many water supply projects in Faisalabad region would find it nigh-on impossible to match the water level, number and spread of meetings and opportunities these missions present.
“The delegation often acts as a honey-pot to local masses’needs and played a vital role that would otherwise prove extremely difficult to access.”

Backed by the global water brand, JICA missions attract support from a network of international partners and commercial posts.

MD WASA Faqir Muhammad Chaudhary further said adding that, our experienced mission manages to take care of your clean drinking water at any cost as per needs, leaving you to concentrate on better health which is possible by means of supply of clean safe water.

He said that JICA runs an average of numerous missions in various times. Our programme changes with market of people’s demands and trends, and caters for mostly supply water in every sector to distant localities too.

With this mega support of JICA, WASA Faisalabad is going to enable to meet the requirements that one would never have been able to interact with and led to new horizon in fresh water supply.

MD said that, how about utilizing different avenues to get the word out on your own business and services we have been providing for clean drinking water supply.
Both in our country and around the globe, a new understanding of the benefits of water that intensely focuses on production has moved to the forefront; resulting in the need of creating a new vision based on production from pure water reservoirs, MD urged.
Nowadays, the majority of countries share the common desire of an effective and efficient rapprochement between the production and. reservoirs.
Consequently, the stagnation, which continues to this day, trapped the world health and it was revealed once again that water economy disconnected from production can not bring happiness.
The global water growth still remains weak in the last many years. Furthermore, increasing uncertainty and risks are far from promising a strong recovery.
unfortunately do not seem to be adequate anymore to help the global economy to breathe. So, there is a consensus that the world has to concentrate on water reservoirs with tools vigorously implement the structural reforms, he added.
In this context, the only viable solution seems to bring the production of safe water focused economy to the fore, something we have been emphasizing persistently over a long period of time. Specifically, the last some-year’s data shows that water level is a critical topic for all communities, primarily to re-earn its well-deserved place to fulfil its cusic capacity in all corners.
WASA has taken an important step forward to ensure the desired rapprochement towards the real sector.
We should always remember that the financial world and the real sector are in the same board. When the finance world functions in a healthy and stable way, this is positively reflected on the real sector, MD elaborated.
Adding that, Based on this fact, I wholeheartedly believe that in the coming period the real sector and the finance world will create a healthy and sustainable synergy for our country’s development and healthy future.
This country belongs to all of us and we have to be optimistic about the future with an approach that values collaboration and dialogues.

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