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Eulogizing tributes paid to Kashmiri martyrs

Altaf Hamid Rao;

MIRPUR (AJK): In Mirpur, the city of over a million United Kingdom-based Kashmiri expatriates, speakers paid glorious tributes to the Kashmiri martyrs at a special gathering held here Friday to commemorate the supreme sacrifices of lives by the Kashmiri martyrs 87 years ago this day in 1931, with due solemnity and reverence.
The ceremony to mark the Kashmir Martyrs Day was held jointly under the auspices of various social, political and public representative organizations through bringing out a rally from District Court premises.
The Participants offered fateha for the Kashmiri martyrs besides praying for the early success of the Kashmir freedom struggle.
The Kashmir Martyrs day is observed every year at the both sides of the LoC to commemorate the supreme sacrifices of Kashmiri martyrs they gave this day in 1931 when the Dogra troops shot dead 22 Kashmiris in front of the Central Jail Srinagar when large number of people had gathered outside the jail protesting against the trial of a young man Abdul Qadeer for treason inside the prison.
Addressing the special prayers meeting speakers said that the historic day of July 13, 1931 was in fact the day of advent of the Kashmiris ongoing struggle for the liberation of the motherland from the tyrannical dogra rule and later the clutches of the Indian imperialism.
They declared that the supreme sacrifices of the Kashmiri martyres since last 87 years will be all remembered. These sacrifices, speakers said, will be remembered all the time and will bear fruit in the near future
The Kashmiri martyrs, speakers said, established the history and mile stone of the supreme sacrifices of lives for the nations who believed in living in freedom without the manacles of the India-like tyrannical forces. Speakers called upon the United Nations Organization to move for resolution of Kashmir issue under the spirit of its own resolutions.
Paying rich tributes to over 600 recently-martyred Kashmiris during last two years in the Indian occupied Kashmir since the martyrdom the young freedom fighter Burhan Muzaffar Wani , the operational commander of Hizb ul Mujahideen, who was gunned down by the Indian occupational forces in occupied Kashmir valley on July 8, 2016
Paying glorious tributes to the Kashmiri Martyrs including Burhan Wani, speakers continued that the martyred young Commander of the freedom-loving Kashmiri outfit Hizbul Mujahideen in occupied Kashmir, has infused a new spirit in Kashmiris indigenous struggle for freedom of the motherland from the Indian clutches – by giving the supreme sacrifice of his life for the sacred Kashmir cause, they declared.
Kashmiris struggle for freedom of the homeland from Indian subjugation, speakers wowed, will continue until a single Kashmiri was alive. India , they declared, should accept the reality and immediately move for granting the Jammu & Kashmir people their birth right of self determination, which has been committed by the international community through the United Nations resolutions of Jammu & Kashmir issue.
Speakers strongly condemned the fresh wave of state violence and terrorism unleashed by the Indian occupational forces against the innocent people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir since recent past many weeks – where the death toll till has risen to over 600 during last two years in the turbulent held valley.
Speakers said that Kashmir freedom struggle has reached at the point of no return in Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir following the continued supreme sacrifices of the lives by valiant Kashmiri youth including the stone-pelting street children against the Indian occupational forces. They added that the day is not far away when the sun of freedom would soon rise in the occupied valley through its liberation from Indian tyrannical rule.
The participants called upon the international community to perform their due role to get the Indian state terrorism stopped in occupied Jammu Kashmir to save the humanity from history’s worst and gruesome killing at the hands of the Indian occupational forces.
Speakers vehemently condemned the continued human rights abuses against the innocent freedom-loving people in the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. They called for immediate sincere fruitful intervention of the United Nations, the global forum – which, indeed, believed in thriving of the human rights in a free environment, for the early settlement of the Kashmir dispute for durable and everlasting peace in South Asia .

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