Muzaffarabad, (Parliament Times) : The video of the migrants taking votes of Jammu and Kashmir against the migrants, clapping in favor of Narendra Modi has become a top trend on social media. Former Valley 04 candidate Syed Ismail Hussain Shah, along with many other prominent refugees of Jammu and Kashmir, Government Minister Javed Butt’s speech against the refugees created a lot of agitation in the refugee circles. Who is true and who is fake, who is real and who is fake, a new debate broke out in the refugee community. According to the details, a video circulated on social media by Javed Butt, the government minister elected from Valley 04 Jammu, in which he is clapping and laughing in favor of Modi, including calling a few refugees from Jama as fake refugees, has been shared by the people of Jammu. It has caused severe agitation in the Kashmiri community. In this regard, when an attempt was made to contact Government Minister Javed Butt by phone, he refused to pick up the phone. On the other hand, when contacted about the refugees he is talking about in the video, former candidate Assembly Valley 04 Syed Ismail Hussain Shah said that our past is in front of the refugees. The name of my ancestors is well known and recognized by every Kashmiri in the dimensions of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. There is also clear evidence of where we got our primary education and where our higher education came from. He said that I grew up in the streets of Muzaffarabad. There are graves of my ancestors in Karachi and Muzaffarabad, including Srinagar. The records of which any migrant can get from the Finance Department and other related institutions. We don’t need anyone to tell us who is original and who is fake. Those who doubt their own identity also doubt the identity of others. Syed Ismail Hussain Shah said that we have set out to build a state. The state’s highly educated literate are working with a mission to empower the youth. Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir take note of the movements and conversations of his cabinet member Javed Butt. He has also requested all the concerned institutions to rein in such persons who do not deserve respect, otherwise the refugee community itself knows how to rein in such elements.


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