Islamabad, (PR) : Pakistan joins the international community and the United Nations in honoring the sacrifices and services of the UN peacekeepers around the world on the International Day of UN Peacekeepers. The UN peacekeeping missions have been critical to the establishment and maintenance of peace and protecting civilians in the conflict zones.

While we pay homage to all the peacekeepers around the globe, we owe special gratitude to Pakistani peacekeepers whose services to global peace and security have been acknowledged by all and sundry. Over the 64 years of our commitment to UN peacekeeping, 230,000 Pakistan military personnel including over 500 female peacekeepers have made the nation proud of their stellar contributions. The nation will forever remain in eternal debt to 181 martyrs who laid down their lives in the service of global peace and security.

As a responsible member of the UN family, I reiterate the commitment of Pakistan to continue to play its part in safeguarding and enforcing global peace and making this world a better and more peaceful place for our present and succeeding generations.

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