The decision to postpone the papers for intermediate is quite tricky for me, especially as a student. However, June and July have always remained the favorite months of the hot summer, and it’s not possible that June will become quite light in comparison to May. We have always faced several heatstroke challenges in June, especially in Larkana. It’s better that the exam be conducted in the last week of May to reduce the more heated challenges for students in June. No doubt, the province is facing a heat wave alert, but the temperature will increase further in the coming two months and cause more challenges for us to resist in the intense sun.. And the electricity is a huge problem for us during exams. Please try to fix these issues and ensure the availability of electricity, especially during exam hours. Due to the high voltage of colleges and schools, solar panels stop working for hours. which causes headaches and low BP issues among students, and students face hell issues. Kindly work for the advancement of educational institutes and work on installing air conditioners in classes for the well-being of students. And the government should rectify their decision regarding exam postponement. It’s better that exams be held in May instead of June.


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