RAWALPINDI:,  (Parliament Times) : Rawalpindi Restaurants Caters Sweets and Bakers Association organized a cake cutting ceremony on the occasion of “Takbeer Day”, in which President Muhammad Farooq Chaudhry and Chairman Mumtaz Ahmed, in celebration of Pakistan’s becoming a nuclear nation on May 28. Along with the committee members, the cake of “Takbeer Day” was cut and tributes were paid to all the heroes who made Pakistan a nuclear power and made the national defense invincible, including Vice Chairman Saleem Raza Butt, General Secretary Raja Adnan Mehmood, Senior Vice President Sheikh Muhammad Muneer, Senior Vice President Chaudhry Imtiaz Ahmed, Senior Vice President Chaudhry Zahid Mehmood, Shakir Sharif Safe Foods, Deputy General Secretary Hashim Ejaz Butt, Vice President Huzaifa Ansar, Vice President Sardar Ejaz Wilayat, Vice President Sardar Saleem Sherzaman, Malik Aftab, Sharaf Ali Awan, Chaudhry Shaukat, Chaudhry Muhammad Hafeez, Chaudhry Abdul Wahid, Ali Muhammad, Sheikh Imran Elahi, Syed Arshad Farooq, Information Secretary Tariq Khan also participated. A special prayer was made for peace, safety ,development and prosperity and help and support of the oppressed Muslims of Palestine.

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