Alia Asad Ullah
In Pakistan, the patriarchal mindset dictates that boys do not cry. If a man experiences any kind of emotional problem, this society often will not accept him because they consider such a person weak, saying, “Don’t get emotional like a girl”. According to World Health Organization [WHO], Non-governmental Organisations [NGOs], Human Rights Commission of Pakistan [HRCP], men have higher suicide rates as compared to the women in Pakistan. The patriarchal mindset is very destructive to both, men and women. Showing yourself as tough and committing domestic violence does not make a person a man. A real man is someone who respects women and gives them equal rights. If the patriarchal mindset was to vanish, we could fully understand that feminism advocates for equal rights for both women and men. We are humans, and it is all right to cry. Claire Urbanaki rightly said, “Men’s loneliness is a feminist issue.” In Pakistan, we see honor killings, acid attacks, and rape cases against women every single day because men are told to be aggressive and conservative. This leads to mental health problems and compels the men commit suicide and crimes. It is high time we educate ourselves and promote equality, mental peace and harmony.

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