Arif Chaudhary 

London : An annual fund raising event was held on the Silver Jubilee of Al Mustafa Trust at Sana Restaurant Oldham, the founder of Al Mustafa Trust was late General Ghulam Muhammad Malik – now its Chairman is Lt General Retired Muhammad Mustafa Khan. And Brigadier Retired Naeem and his team are leading the Trust – In today’s event, apart from the local community, British businessman Anil Musrat and Oldham Council leader Arooj Shah made a special appearance. – Business personalities Sadiq Karim – Chaudhry – Raja Mohammad Riaz – Azhar Zuk – Naveed Yusuf – Basharat Ali – Chaudhry Mahmood – Chaudhry Maqbool Ahmed – Zahid Iqbal – Councilor Chaudhry Aftab Hussain – Shabbir Ahmed – Religious personality Raja Aftab Sharif – Former Mayor Oldham Chaudhry Shadab Qamar-Waheed Iqbal- were present- General Muhammad Mustafa Khan, Chairman of Al-Mustafa Trust, received an enthusiastic welcome on his arrival at the hall – Worldwide Chief Executive Zahid Iqbal presented a bouquet of flowers – The ceremony began with the recitation of Holy Quran by Sadiq Karim. People actively participated in fundraising – and devoted a lot of money to the service of humanity – on this occasion, Chairman of Al-Mustafa Trust Lt. General Retired Muhammad Mustafa Khan said that in Pakistan we are treating people at 113 centers. and are providing treatment facilities and last year we benefited 16 lakh 90 thousand patients from free medical facility – all this was possible with the donations of you people – Brigadier Retired Mohammad Naeem said that 6 million patients benefited from Al-Masfi Trust. have raised and all our directors work on an honorary basis nobody takes a salary – so our charity costs are almost non-existent – and we haven’t closed a center in 25 years – famous UK entrepreneur Personality Anil Musarat paid tribute to Lt. Gen. Muhammad Mustafa Khan’s services for the poor and said that the government’s responsibility for health is being done by people like General Sahib – I am also with Imran Khan Sahab in Mianwali. I am trying to build a hospital – Councilor Arooj Shah, Leader of Oldham Council strongly appealed to the community to donate to Al-Mustafa Trust and said that Al-Mustafa Trust is doing exemplary work for the treatment of poor people in Pakistan – Mayor Bri Khalid Hussain said that I have been working with Mustafa Trust since 2003, but the center is also performing its services in my native constituency – and their work is exemplary – Chaudhry Sadiq Karim and Chaudhry Maqbool Ahmed said that Mustafa Trust Providing free treatment facilities in the remote areas of Pakistan. We appreciate the services of General Sahib for Pakistan. Shabbir welcomed Al-Mustafa Trust and his team to Oldham and said that Al-Mustafa Trust provides free treatment and treatment for the poor and deserving people in Pakistan. Humanity’s services are admirable and proud – the credit goes to the talented individuals and management – whose selfless financial support and transparent management made it possible. You are an example in providing free treatment facilities to deserving people at 113 centers managed by Al-Mustafa Trust in Pakistan – that is why Overseas Pakistanis are leading in donating generously.

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